Transfer Service

Let us help you to start your well earned vacation as early as possible and organize your transportation from your final airport to our Resort. Below are several options you can choose from depending whether you are arriving in Cebu City or in Dumaguete. Apart from the ferry schedule we can arrange your transportation at any time and to your convenience.


1st Option: CAR/FERRY/CAR

  •  Cebu Int’l Airport to Liloan, Santander pier: 3.5 hours by car
  •  Liloan, Santander Pier to Sibulan, Negros: 30 minutes by ferry
  •  Sibulan, Negros to Pura Vida Beach Resort: 1 hour by car
tricycle transportation


  •  Cebu pier to Dumaguete pier: 5 hours by fast ferry
  •  Dumaguete pier to Pura Vida Beach Resort: 30 minutes by car


3rd Option: Car

  •  Dumaguete Airport to Pura Vida Beach Resort: 1 hour by car

Another option:

If you prefer to organize your transportation by yourself you can also choose to take a local bus.
You have to take a taxi from the airport to the south bus terminal from where you will be travelling for around 3-4 hours to Liloan (Santander) or Bato. Buses are going from as early as 3 am to about 8 pm. You can choose between air con bus and non air con bus. The one way ticket is around 180 PHP. Once you arrive at one of the piers you need to purchase a ferry ticket. Upon arriving in Tampi or Sibulan you have to take a Bus/Taxi (from Tampi) and a tricycle or Easy Ride to Dauin and Pura Vida. It will take about 1.5 hours.

How to get to Dumaguete:

From Europe to Cebu

1 Stop:

  • Singapore Airlines (one stop in Singapore)
  • Cathay Pacific (one stop in Hong Kong)
  • Asiana Airlines (one stop in Seoul)
  • Philippine Airlines (one stop in Manila)

2 stops (incl. domestic flights from Manila – Dumaguete):

  • Emirates (Dubai – Manila)
  • Ethiad (Abu Dhabi – Manila)
  • Thai Airways (Bangkok – Manila)

From USA

  • Philippine Airlines (direct flights to Manila from San Francisco and L.A.)
  • Delta Airlines (from all major American cities to Manila with 1-3 Stops)

From Australia

  • Philippine Airlines (all major Australian cities to Manila – Direct flights)
  • Singapore Airlines (all major Australian cities to Manila – 1 Stop in Singapore)

From Hong Kong

  • Cathay Pacific (direct flights to Manila or Cebu City)
  • Cebu Pacific (direct flights to Cebu City)

Domestic airlines are:

  • Cebu Pacific
  • Philippine Airlines

These are the only 2 airlines with connection to Dumaguete.